Why Enter

Motivate Employees

Recognise hard work and achievements, and celebrate with your team at the Awards ceremony

Enhance Networking Opportunities

Gives you a talking point and conversation opener for your colleagues and customers.

Attract Talent

Validates your company is the best and helps attract and retain talent, increased staff loyalty and development

Improve the Bottom Line

Become a supplier/customer of choice and increase your profits. Be seen as best in class.

Get Free Feedback

Have your best work assessed by the profession’s experts and get constructive feedback to enhance performance

Exposure on Social Media

Showcase yourself as a winner and show you are at the top of your game, in addition to an increase in marketing opportunities for the business.

Peer and Industry Recognition

Winning an Award gives you confidence and a great buzz.

Attend the Awards Ceremony

Celebrate, have fun, meet and network with fellow professionals and make new contacts.

May 10

Graduation Ceremony

May 11

2023 Conference and Awards Ceremony