Strong believer in Completion rather than Competition Methodology – led different teams with different initiatives in value adding to organizations in the field of Cost Optimization and Supplier Management Particularly. Procurement is not Purchasing. Procurement is a main Function (asset) for any organization to drive cost optimization and innovation by adopting best practices such as “Supplier Collaboration and Early Engagement “. “Change is the only constant in any organization to sustain “so it is very important as procurement professions to adapt the best practices in all industries from technology to people to processes.

Sulaiman Abdulla holding Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Certified International Commercial Contract Manager (CICCM) and International Leadership Management (ILM). Holding also Diploma in Property Management.

Sulaiman has a past experiences over 10 years in different industries including Governmental and Private sectors in Telecommunication, IT , Social Services , Property Management.
My current role is associated to manage four pillars, which are Suppliers Value Management, Procurement, Contacts, Inventory and Asset Management.

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