About Bureau van Dijk – A Moody’s Analytics Company
We capture and treat private company information for better decision making and increased efficiency.
Welcome to the business of certainty. We offer the most powerful comparable data resource on private companies.

With extensive information on companies’ financials, risk scores, PEPs and Sanctions, and probability of default indicators, our solutions can help you manage your supplier risk, leverage your spending power and be certain of a lot more:

Bureau Van Dijk

Please visit us at: www.bvdinfo.com/procurement

  • Validate your suppliers and business partners
  • Get the full picture using our extensive corporate ownership structures
  • Reduce financial risk with our standardised financial data and risk metrics

Procurement Catalyst is a risk assessment tool that enriches your supplier data with our market intelligence. Your data is blended with ours and clearly displayed for easy interpretation and a better view on your supplier portfolio. It can be completely aligned with your existing procurement processes. Make better-informed decisions with a higher level of certainty – and save a huge amount of time.