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The Evolution of Healthcare Procurement 

Over the years, healthcare procurement has undergone significant changes, driven by advancements in technology, globalisation, and changing healthcare policies and regulations. 

During this session, you’ll hear best practices to continue to adapt procurement strategies to meet the overall goal of improving patient care while controlling costs.

The Rise of Value Based Procurement 

Procurement in the health care sector is moving away from traditional lowest price procurement strategies and product buying. 

Lowest price procurement strategies and product buying are in the past and the healthcare sector is moving towards value based procurement. What does this mean for professionals, how can you elevate your game through a successful transformation initiative and how are the different levels of understanding managed across a variety of stakeholders.

The Sustainability Story

With 2023 being the year of sustainability and with Dubai hosting COP28 in Q4, it’s at the forefront of everyone’s mind. 

But what is the disconnect with procurement and stakeholders on sustainable purchasing? 
This session will explore strategies, tactics and targets that support long term stakeholder relationships and how to attract suppliers, investors, customers and talent with the alignment of the UN SDGs.

Lessons, Trials and Tribulations

During this session you’ll hear real examples and 5 key components to focus on building your journey to a more sustainable procurement function. It will also explore how you can drive new ways of working to connect to the whole ecosystem, tangible outcomes and key deliverables to demonstrate results. 

The Future of Procurement Technology 

Technological advancements are continuing to transform the procurement landscape to increase transparency and improve efficiency.  AI, Blockchain, IoT, Chat GTP and cloud computing are all trends that professionals need to advance, remain relevant and keep to a competitive advantage.

Procuring in the Metaverse 
This session is full of questions. How ready is the procurement function to move into the metaverse? What capabilities can we take from this to enhance performance? What role does this take? What are the opportunities and the challenges? 

Transforming data and using automation to future-proof your procurement function

This session will explore leveraging  predictive analytics, mitigation of business disruptions and future proofing. During this transformation, how will you embrace new skills, retain and upskill your teams to remain connected?

Organisational Transformation: Adaptation and innovation with continuous changes to the rules of engagement 

The way we engage with our stakeholders has completely changed over the past few years. As leaders how do we build culture and human connection to drive productivity and business results?

Collaboration or Competition? 

What’s more beneficial for the business, Collaboration or Competition? Competition might be a motivator for success and to be ahead of the curve, but collaboration involves working together towards a common goal or to solve problems with the supply chain. 

This session outlines the key strategies when collaborating with suppliers to accelerate change and building your procurement strategy to drive a competitive advantage. 

Ultimately, should you collaborate with your competitors? 

How is Procurement Contributing to the Transformation of KSA?  

With the Saudi 2030 Vision being at the front of mind across the region, procurement is playing a crucial role in the transformation of the Kingdom. The function will drive the facilitation of economic growth, promoting innovation and sustainability, and enabling the country to achieve its development objectives.

The Influence of Procurement 

With the pandemic in the past, 2022 saw 14.36 Million visitors to Dubai alone and the travel and hospitality industry erupt. We’ve seen startups dominate this space and evolve their services, an increase in hotel openings, and the build of Neom in KSA. 

Procurement is a critical component of the travel and hospitality industry, and effective procurement strategies can help businesses succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace. This session will explore areas of best practice and the impact on all functions of the business.

May 11

2023 Conference and Awards Ceremony