Best Approach to Risk Mitigation

Abu Dhabi Airports Company

Impact of Covid-19 in Aviation

Inspired by its vision, Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) endeavours to implement risk management and business continuity procedures throughout its business operations and supply chains. This focus, combined with an agile procurement response, has been key in managing the many challenges caused by the current pandemic. The pandemic has profoundly impacted the aviation industry and generated multiple business risks which have disrupted the company’s operations and financial performance. Through its processes for risk management and business continuity approaches, ADAC managed this situation in a balanced manner and endeavoured to minimize its impact on ADAC’s business and the wider aviation ecosystem.

Judges’ comments: 

Great and quick approach to risk mitigation ensuring business sustainability and fast-track response for health, safety and wellbeing including regular thermal scanning, on-site staff testing, which I’m sure in a challenging situation I know how difficult it was to set this up quickly and not forgetting the core drivers with the supply chain and still achieving incredible saving opportunities. excellent presentation, initiative and outcome.