Supplier Relationship Management

Expo2020 Dubai

Expo2020 Dubai’s strategic partnership with Jacobs Mace has been central to the success of this project. Jacobs Mace, a joint venture between Jacobs Engineering and construction firm Mace, was appointed project management consultant in January 2015. The procurement team’s comprehensive approach to managing and capturing post-contract value led to a close working relationship and a common vision. The partnership has brought innovation and efficiency in managing risk, meeting sustainability targets and delivering a challenging building programme. More than 200 consultants are seamlessly embedded within Expo teams to deliver the project, with weekly progress meetings and reports, a detailed tender event schedule and agreed delegated authorities for decision-making. The work has resulted in a collaborative approach that benefits all parties, improved performance based on value rather than cost, better forecasting of time and cost, and a shorter overall delivery period.

Judges’ comments: 

The collaboration is evident and has resulted in smooth delivery of milestones. Robust aims and objectives, of delivering the project on time with high cost certainty, has helped Expo2020 achieve tangible benefits.