expo2020 dubai

Delivering Expo2020 Dubai on time and within budget was identified as the central procurement-related risk in the project. In response the procurement team adopted a positive partnering mindset with suppliers to ensure direct and indirect risks were mitigated. Among the strategies adopted were tendering at the earliest opportunity, to avoid the risk of market forces limiting contractor choice, and mapping supply chains for key spend areas and risk impacts including sustainability. Suppliers were positioned on risk matrices. Material categorisation evaluations were conducted to identify pricing and pre-approved sources of materials and components, while consultants were mandated to use innovative design tools – including building information modelling – to avoid costly and time-consuming errors. Contract forms have transferred risk to the main contractor in terms of supply chain performance and overall project completion, with the ability to recover damages in the event of non-performance. For every tender, buyers carried out structured due diligence checks covering areas including technical expertise, financial performance and references.

Judges’ comments: 

An outstanding example of how a cross-functional team was put together to mitigate procurement-related risks in a challenging and ambitious initiative within a strict timeline. High process orientation and alignment to objectives.