Public Procurement

Dubai Municipality

Agile Procurement for lasting value through benchmarking

Dubai Municipality set out to accelerate contract cycle times from an average of 210 days to 45 days and to raise customer satisfaction by eliminating blockages and adding value through technology. It launched a project based around benchmarking to identify best practices. Ideas adopted included re-engineering contracts processes, designing renewal contracts pathways, building data warehouse and e-evaluation. As a result, the procurement culture in Dubai Municipality entirely changed due to enabling innovation. Through its project to digitally transform contracts and optimise operations that are nonessential to customers, Dubai Municipality succeeded in its efficiency aims by eliminating 24 stages, 151 processes, 1,008 Minutes, 142 handoffs, 600 days and 25 approvals from its daily processes. Eliminating the waste and removing the blocks from the process flow also allowed productivity in the department to grow by 290%.  

Judges’ comments: 

This project is a good example of digital procurement focus and systematic improvement cycle time through a collaborative approach.