expo2020 dubai

The Expo2020 Dubai mega-project required 55 multi-cultural resources across construction and infrastructure, plus running a six-month events programme after completion. Delivering such a complex and high-value event called for an exceptional procurement team that could work seamlessly, with unmatched organisation and communications. For maximum effectiveness, the procurement team was structured so it could touch every project segment; working horizontally and vertically across business units to embed skills and knowledge in all decisions. Using a centralised and decentralised system, it was divided into category specialists and generalists, with skills poured into high-value areas such as construction and time-saving processes used for low-value transactions. They also devised an Online Market Place tool to manage the 40,000 suppliers, with a sourcing programme that allows every user to act as buyer and supplier. Collaborating with multiple internal teams and external stakeholders, they awarded contracts, maintained competition, welfare and sustainability goals, and delivered quality and value. This hybrid operation was central to the success of the project, earning procurement the name of ‘high-velocity’ team.  

Judges’ comments: 

Expo2020 Dubai showed great team collaboration, with clear segmentation in the supply chain and value driven to the organisation. The project was handled with focus and a thoughtful design, and it shows various best practices and innovations at work.