Basrah Gas Company

Step-change in Procurement Capability through Buyer Development Program

The procurement function at Basrah Gas Company (BGC) set out to upskill the team and help transition from transactional procurement to strategic sourcing through its Buyer Development Program. The objective of this program was to build team capability, drive reduction in the time taken to source goods and become a strong commercial partner to the business. The program was applied through a combination of contracts masterclasses, recognition of top performing buyers, performance coaching and formal training. As a result of the project, there was a record low employee turnover of 10%, and there was a marked increase in goods procured locally and thereby, directly supporting the organisation’s local content objectives. There was also value-add through faster and reliable procurement. The project is a demonstration of the capabilities gaps and relevant development levellers which have been structured accordingly. 

Judges’ comments: 

Innovations are demonstrated through digitalised support and implementation of new procurement modules along with cultural integration initiatives. People recognition was also demonstrated in the project, which makes the planning and execution of this particular project fulfilling.