Best response to supply chain resilience

Higher Colleges of Technology

Procurement Resilience and Recovery

The Higher College of Technology (HCT) responded to Covid-19 challenges in a swift and meticulous manner to ensure operations could continue seamlessly and safely. The college directed its efforts into building supply chain resiliency, establishing a dedicated emergency crisis committee and conducting a readiness and risk assessment. The procurement team used its strategic partnerships to provide workers with the tools they needed to work at home, including increased WiFi bandwidth and the provision of furniture and printers for suitable home offices. HCT worked with suppliers to extend contracts, provide force majeure options, diversify supply and set up multi-sourcing, and assigned a special budget to cover additional costs caused by coronavirus issues and mitigation. This resulted in supplier satisfaction of 83%, increasing by 6% since 2018-2019, and costs being cut by 11%. Meanwhile, consistent communication and cross-functional collaboration successfully broke down silos and reinforced a culture of support across the institution.

Judges’ comments:

HCT demonstrated synergies and had one clear goal for the business and procurement. It showed support for developing local suppliers and SMEs, great organisation to ensure safety across all the tiers, and a fair approach towards suppliers, consideration of T&Cs amendments and the implementation of the essential online tools.