Best Response to Supplier Collaboration

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

Response to Supplier Collaboration during COVID-19

When the coronavirus pandemic caused wide-ranging challenges for businesses, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) implemented collaborative working as a solution. For TRA, collaboration played a key role in recovering and strengthening its supply chains. By deepening supplier relationships and offering support, procurement renegotiated contracts to reduce costs by $9.7m, and cut payment processes from 34 to 16 days. The team bolstered the joint working approach with suppliers through digital capabilities, including the scaling up of the P2P system into a digital marketplace, and an e-learning platform which used 17 suppliers and acquired more than 250,000 users. The authority was the first government organisation to enable remote working operations, working with suppliers to develop a procurement mobile application and digital traffic permit system for the police. Also, TRA helped found the Middle East Telecoms Procurement Group, in conjunction with CIPS, to share best practices and knowledge across the sector and improve procurement skills, to assist wider recovery post-pandemic.

Judges’ comments:

This project shows some key innovations from a public but critical sector. The strategy was well planned and executed within a short span of time, and has shifted the organisation to focus more on people development, distant support and sustainability.