Strategic Suppliers' Recognition

Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC)


Since being launched in 2012 ENOC’s Supplier Recognition Award Ceremony has become a key factor in recognising and rewarding key strategic suppliers. As part of the initiative, for example, 80% of spend and all critical suppliers come under a performance review. The latest develop in the ceremony’s organisation has been automating the evaluation of feedback from internal stakeholders to ensure transparency and integrity and to ensure feedback is processed more quickly and efficiently. Internal stakeholders are encouraged to market their own business segment at the ceremony to help build new supplier relationships. Among the benefits secured by such close attention to suppliers has been a 20% discount in Microsoft products, improved medical insurance premiums and other staff medical discounts and savings of 8.8m in transport costs via Emirates Transport.

Judges’ comments: “Automating the existing evaluation practice, involving all stakeholders and setting up milestones for with service partners is innovative and requires lots of creativity.”

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