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Procuring catering services at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport had been a fraught affair for Emirates Airlines as supply became dominated by a monopoly and labour stoppages made sourcing unreliable. In 2006 these “deteriorating market conditions” meant Emirates had no choice but to take the risky step of awarding the contract to Newrest Inflight, a new supplier specialising in low-cost catering with little airline experience and lacking facilities. However Emirates decided it was worth supporting this supplier to counteract the monopoly. At beginning this required changing the provider’s “low cost” mindset and considerable investment from the airline. The risk paid off. The initial contract with Newrest Inflight was worth $10m. Now the company has expanded to several continents and has contracts worth $40m annually, supplying the airline in airports where catering supply was limited or non-existent.

Judges’ comments: “This is a win-win scenario for both organisations. It’s an ideal benchmark for joint continuous product development, supplier development, and just in time delivery.”

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