Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC)

When it comes to talent the UAE is a volatile market where competition for skilled public procurement professionals is relentless. In the 30 years since it was set up government-owned ENOC has evolved from a local oil and gas player to a global operator in the energy sector. The company’s commitment to excellence can be seen in the fact that it also won this year’s best supplier relationship management category and was shortlisted for several other awards. ENOC’s challenge was to retain and recruit a well-trained team of purchasing professionals, keeping employees competitive and focused on growth and to create value for the business by reducing supply chain risk. ENOC’s procurement function employs 28 people and influences spend of $300m across 17 businesses and is responsible for managing procurement ranging from commodities to petrol storage and engineering construction projects. To identify what it needed ENOC started off by obtaining a clear understanding  of performance gaps, personnel learning requirements and made these objectives the key performance indicators for its learning and development programme. It began by scheduling training programs and reviewing progress, making sure to acknowledge employees’ improvements and accomplishments. 

The programme aimed to identify and fill performance gaps, blend young talent with experience and especially, to nurture young professionals from the UAE. In 2010 the team only had 15 CPP (Certified Purchase Professional)-qualified professionals. By 2015 this had risen to 17 MCIPS-qualified and four CPP-level members, adding value to the business. A 2015 employee engagement survey carried out by US pollsters Gallup found satisfaction with development improvements had risen by 16.75% year on year and overall employee engagement Index was up by 3.89% year on year. The department scored 4.01 on an employee engagement scale of 1-5 and scored a customer satisfaction rating of 92%. In 2015 the department achieved annual savings of $9.52 million (3.16%) on indirect spend.

“The Emirati talent resource market has very limited potential when it comes to public procurement,” said judges. “This is a public organisation which is highly committed to embrace professionalism from grassroots levels. It has a comprehensive mix of young versus experienced professionals and a balance between nationals and expats."

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