Dubai Expo 2020

Bureau Expo Dubai 2020


With an expected 25m visitors there is much at stake for the Bureau Expo Dubai 2020 (Ex20), the company behind the next world expo. The procurement function for what aims to be a technological, cultural, architectural and gastronomic feast was established in early 2015 and needed to find its feet fast. Before the year was out an e-sourcing platform was up and running to streamline sourcing of suppliers ranging from multinationals to individual street performers. So far, more than AED 1bn, or £193m, of goods and services have already been procured. The team identified opportunities for SME suppliers and gave them favourable credit terms. All tenders can be viewed at no cost on the expo’s eSourcing portal.

Judges said: “This is a mega project which is clearly going in the right direction. This level of open participation is unusual in UAE, and it’s good to see SMEs being encouraged to bid for work.”

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